September 18, 2018

Real Estate Investing Tips – Doing Mega Deals

Episode 229:

Real Estate Investing Tips – Doing Mega Deals

Mr. Hector Padilla is the President & CEO of a Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm in Los Angeles. He focuses on investments of $1M to $25M. He is a real estate entrepreneur and has been a principal investor in commercial property, luxury homes, motels, apartment buildings & commercial land. As a principal, Mr. Padilla has closed on over $86,097,000 worth of real estate. He has created Time Freedom & Financial Freedom by owning & operating his own real estate portfolio.

Hector travels the globe with his wife, 3-year-old daughter, parents & traveling home manager. He has made all his dreams come true from driving a Rolls Royce, living in the Hollywood Hills in a multimillion-dollar home, owning a beachfront vacation home, marrying his dream woman, owning his own business, and earning the title of Self-Made Millionaire at 29, Multi-Millionaire at 30, and now Mega Millionaire.

What real estate investing tips you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Hector Padilla learned at a young age to make more money doing less work, and how he has brought that lesson forward into his real estate investing career
  • How Hector uses his career highs and lows as valuable lessons for his mentorship students, and why he’s so selective about who he mentors
  • Why the value of a mentorship isn’t measured by the money you make, but by the money you don’t lose
  • How to use GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier) to quickly evaluate a rental property and determine its market value
  • Why you should be using the power of cash-out refinance and 1031 exchange to make tax-free profit
  • Hector’s powerful PIG (Passive Income Generator) Methodology and how it can help you reap passive income while avoiding capital gains
  • The secrets Hector believes are key for finding happiness through helping others, and his definition of success in business and in life
  • How Hector turned breakfast with a billionaire into his insightful “Billionaire Napkin Secrets,” and how you can get access to the knowledge he learned
  • What “non-refundable minutes” are and how to use them effectively
  • Why you should surround yourself with champs and avoid the chimps and chumps
  • Hector’s five important lessons you need to learn and practice to truly succeed in business

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