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REIS 348 | Private Money David Dodge Discount Property Investor and House Sold Easy
In an industry where you have so many things going on, anything that affords convenience is a must-have. Making things easy by trading convenience for a discount is the owner of Discount Property Investor and House Sold Easy, David Dodge. In this episode, David talks with us about all things private money—from raising and using private money to finding it. He covers the private lender scope here, sharing the basics you need to know by way of telling us his story of stumbling in this space and growing a business. David offers great insights into the importance of building credibility and trust, as well as providing convenience with the people around you. Tune in to hear more stories from David’s extensive experience in the field to learn about what to expect and more.
REIS 347 | Tax Deferred Investing John Hyre Opportunity Zone Fund
It’s always good to know what we are paying out in taxes, especially in retirement. In this episode, Mitch Stephen interviews John Hyre, a tax attorney, accountant, and investor who specializes in tax reduction and audit proofing. Today, John discusses tax-deferred investing and the importance of including real estate taxes in our retirement planning. He educates us about how we can legally avoid paying taxes, when we can use our 401(k), and the biggest mistakes that real estate investors make. Know more about the Opportunity Zone Fund, Defined Benefit Plan, and so much more from John’s diverse knowledge in this niche.
REIS 346 | Alcoholism And Sobriety David Essel Focus!
Staying sober has long been one of the most challenging tasks for many. Today, Mitch Stephen interviews David Essel about his own addiction journey and shares how he turned his life around through faith, taking action, and staying true to the Twelve Steps program. David is a counselor, life coach, and the author of Focus!. Through years of staying sober himself, he narrates his own experiences with alcoholism and sobriety, and shares some stories he gathered as an addiction counselor. Being sober has amazing benefits and David shows us how it has helped him find true friends, become healthier, and live better.
REIS 345 | Real Estate Investment Success Todd Smith Small Operation – Big Money! With Todd Smith
In real estate, you don't need to start out with some huge, multi-million operation to get things going. That's not how real estate investment success is always measured. Even in a smaller operation, there's big money to be made, and you've come to just the right place to begin your journey. Todd Smith, a successful real estate investor based in Columbus, OH, joins Mitch Stephen to chat about how to maximize your company's profits without having to immediately bring out the big bucks. At every level, real estate investment success is possible, so it's time to get started!

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