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REIS 304 | Dealing With Banks Brecht Palombo DistressedPro
Going to the bank may seem like a daunting task for many real estate investors. For starters, choosing one to go to is already quite confusing. Doing a lot of legwork for us to make it easier is Brecht Palombo, the Founder of DistressedPro - home to BankProspector, the fastest and easiest way to find banks and bank contacts with non-performing loans and REO. We have to open up our limiting beliefs against the notions of dealing with banks and talk directly to them to find some killer deals. Brecht shares the advantages of doing that and offers some great education through Bank Direct, Bank Prospector, and more.
REIS 303 | Passive Apartment Investing Lane Kawaoka Simple Passive Cashflow
Passive apartment investing can offer you a lot of income when you know the important nooks and crannies to look at. In this episode, Mitch Stephen interviews notable real estate investor/syndicator Lane Kawaoka about how he started on the rental business, going in with REIT, and buying more homes. Lane gives some great advice to first-time investors, especially in doing apartments. Hitting a certain critical mass, he shares the importance of building relationships and networks as well as doing marketing. On the side, he also talks about his Coaching Mastermind and how you can learn about passive investing from it.
REIS 302 | Retiring Using Rentals Michael Zuber One Rental at a Time
A lot of people turn to real estate as a part-time hustle to get their money moving. However, for those who want to pursue it as full time, when can you actually jumpstart and leave your career? Michael Zuber tells his story of how he went from being an executive to retired using long-term rentals as a side hustle. In his book, One Rental at a Time, he shares his fifteen-year journey from a single house on Norris Drive in Fresno, California to financial independence and ultimately retirement. This is not a how-to episode, but there is a lot of lessons to be had out of listening to someone’s life story. Get into Michael’s story and find some golden nuggets on buy and hold real estate investing, owner financing, rentals, and more.
REIS 301 | Partnering With Your Seller Tye Glover Invest Out
Many people used to have pensions, but the pensions are going away and folks are forced into 401(k)s which creates a difficult situation for a lot of people. Tye Glover was in a similar difficult situation, but he learned to increase his property's value through partnership. In 2011, Tye had to sell his home as part of his divorce settlement. Realizing that, from experience, the homeowner and the actual flipper are the ones that are adding value to the property, he took what he learned and started focusing on the homeowner’s point of view with his real estate deals. In this episode, Tye talks about their company, Invest Out, and finding a win-win relationship by partnering the homeowner with the seller. He believes this innovative model can help many people especially as we’re moving into difficult economic times.

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