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REIS Bonus | Vacation With Mitch Vacation 2020 Real Estate Investors Summit
Humans as we are, we all need a break--time-off from our busy lives professionally and even at home. What better way to unwind from it all than an amazing vacation, particularly one that surrounds you with like-minded real estate investors from all over the country? Mitch Stephen invites you to a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on May 6th through 10th. Relax through days with no seminars, no conference room, no selling, and no credit cards. All you have are good company and an unforgettable learning experience. Join Mitch in this episode as he gives you the details.
REIS 350 | Funding Options Blair Halver   Mooresville, NC.
Getting the right leads means more chances of getting quality deals and having more funding options. However, acquiring prospects these days are costly and can sometimes waste your time and effort. Thereby, converting these leads is necessary. In this episode, Mitch Stephen talks to Blair Halver, a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and marketing automation expert. Blair shares some useful ideas on how to make a deal on any kind of lead or most leads. With lead generation, he explains how you can capitalize on every possible lead and even use those with lower equities. Learn more about funding options for these leads with Blair’s proven system.
REIS 349 | Young Investor Jack Rosenthal StarSocial Media
Not everyone is born to be entrepreneurs, but those who are, start their entrepreneurial wonders the moment they learn how to speak. Here to amaze us with his business success is young investor Jack Rosenthal. Mitch Stephen interviews this seventeen-year-old powerhouse who is the founder of Young Investors Club, LLC and author of The Ultimate Guide to Teenage Investing. Jack is still in high school, and he will already teach us how we too, regardless of how old we are, can ignite our passion towards earning and succeeding in life. He also shows us how he manages his time between school and running his business.
REIS 348 | Private Money David Dodge Discount Property Investor and House Sold Easy
In an industry where you have so many things going on, anything that affords convenience is a must-have. Making things easy by trading convenience for a discount is the owner of Discount Property Investor and House Sold Easy, David Dodge. In this episode, David talks with us about all things private money—from raising and using private money to finding it. He covers the private lender scope here, sharing the basics you need to know by way of telling us his story of stumbling in this space and growing a business. David offers great insights into the importance of building credibility and trust, as well as providing convenience with the people around you. Tune in to hear more stories from David’s extensive experience in the field to learn about what to expect and more.

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