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REIS 297 | Mobile Wholesaling Justin Wilmot Mobile Wholesaling
Doing more of what you want, doing less work, and making the money you need all at once is everyone’s goal. This was something that Justin Wilmot was able to do. What’s his secret? The creator of Mobile Wholesaling shares the tool to flipping real estate contracts, not houses, using any mobile device and none of your cash or credit. With a surfer’s analogy, he believes in grabbing opportunities like waves - it will always be worth the wait. Learn everything you need to know to become a virtual wholesaler and the kind of team you need to get your boots on the ground. On the side, discover why virtual assistants are your yellow brick road.
REIS 296 | Investing In Belize Will Mitchell Belize Real Estate Expert
Belize is a small country on the Eastern coast of Central America that has been one of the highest recipients of tourism growth in the region over the past several years. Real estate investor, developer, and agent Will Mitchell gives more information about investing in Belize. Will tells why should we consider investing in Belize as he shares the advantages like ownership rights, secure banking system, and lower tax rates, to name a few. He also gets to share his book, The Investors Guide to Belize Real Estate, wherein he chronicles the experiences and specialties of industry experts. If you’re looking for something that still has a lot of room for growth, consider Belize as your next investment project. It is poised to be the next emerging area within the Caribbean.
Marco Romero Hilco Homes
Real estate wholesaling is not your regular wholesaling. It is a tedious and challenging concept to begin with. Marco Romero, co-owner of Hilco Homes, teaches us how to make wholesaling less complex and more exciting. As any real estate agent, Marco also had a life-changing first deal which led him to starting his own wholesaling business. He shares the right and the wrong lessons he learned about the industry and what can be taken out of the middle of a deal. With his leadership skills, Marco has managed a have a whole team working together and created a round-robin system for every contract that comes in, ensuring that everyone gets paid.
REIS 294 | Meetups And Networking Adam Adams Creative Real Estate
With massive strategies presented from growing audience to attracting investors, meetups and networking are two of the most proven effective. The host of Creative Real Estate Podcast, Adam Adams gives away the hacks to growing your meetups and getting the message out there to keep them posted. A firm believer of creating engagement to appeal to more audience and investors, he reveals how to spot certain pockets of people potential to pitch deals on. On top of that, learn more about Adam’s Raising Money Secrets course.

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