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REIS 337 | Wholesaling David Dodge House Sold Easy
The real estate wholesaling business may be simple, but is it easy? In this episode, author and real estate educator Mitch Stephen chats with David Dodge of House Sold Easy about all things wholesaling. David reveals the learning curve, the "analysis paralysis" he had to go through, and the amount he had spent on his re-education, and see if you would do the same. He also shares tried and tested techniques to capture motivated sellers and negotiate deals. Discover how you can take advantage of technology to simplify the processes and ensure your investing success in this episode.
REIS 336 | Recession-Proof Real Estate Chris Prefontaine Smart Real Estate Coach
Just because the real estate business is an unpredictable industry does not mean that your income is too. Telling you that you can do real estate on your own terms without being at the mercy of the ever-changing market is the founder and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach, Chris Prefontaine. He shares with us his recession-proof strategy on how you can navigate the real estate world fresh from his bestselling book, Real Estate On Your Own Terms. Chris then tells us about some of his programs while also touching on his own twist on owner financing, sales strategy, hiring virtual assistants, and more!
REIS 335 | Asset Protection For Realtors Jennifer Gligoric Leafy Legal Services
If you've been in the real estate business long enough, you're either going to get sued or someone's going to threaten to sue you. As a real estate investor, you need to protect your assets. In this episode, Jennifer Gligoric, the author of Asset Protection Basics For Real Estate Investors and the COO of Leafy Legal Services shares how we can protect our assets using some basic methods. Explaining how we can ward off legal issues and stop people or hungry lawyers from their suing spree, Jennifer gives real life examples of how her company has saved many from preventable problems without dragging further any legal issues.
REIS 334 | Wealth Without Wall Street Russ Morgan And Joey Mure Wealth Without Wall Street
The world is your oyster when you figure out how to make your own money and take control of your financial future. In today’s episode, Financial coach Joey Mure and co-founder of Wealth Without Wall Street Russ Morgan provide wonderful tips, tricks, and pieces of advice about taking control of your financial future. Joey and Russ give detailed information on each of the five pillars of wealth to help you build your wealth and reach success. Grab a piece of paper and a pen for taking down notes as you get inspired by their engaging conversation about the pathways for building wealth. 

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