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REIS 321 | Growing Within David Essel David Essel
As simple as changing the way you start your day can make a big impact in your life. This is what David Essel, the author of Focus!: Slay Your Goals has implemented on his daily routine that has worked wonders for his success. By growing within - that is, changing our mindset - David has revolutionized our possibilities of achieving our goals. With this, he shows some key steps to moving up the ladder and getting to your destination. He also talks about the importance of action steps and self-affirmation.
REIS 320 | Zero Money Needed Investing Marco Kozlowski Marco Kozlowski
It may sound impossible, but we can start a real estate investment even without shedding a single cent. Marco Kozlowski, the number one expert on real estate investing, shares his knowledge on virtual investing, specifically on multifamily and small multifamily apartment buildings. With zero money needed, Marco teaches how we can get our first to five multi-unit complexes and get cash flowing from the day we start. He also talks about finding deals through their marketing method on internet-based advertising. In this episode, discover how you can grow your business from zero to more figures.
REIS 319 | Part Time Real Estate Jay Helms W2 Capitalist
Many people have made real estate investing their full time job. However, is it possible to succeed in this business part time while doing other things you love? Listen to Jay Helms, a real estate investor and the host of W2 Capitalist Real Estate Investing Podcast, as he talks about having 300 doors in just five years as a side hustle while having his coaching job. Host Mitch Stephen and Jay also tackle property management, investing under a recession, and the value of entrepreneurship in this economy. Don’t miss this episode to get Jay’s free 10-Step Guide to Buying and Holding a Small Multi-family Rental Property that has been proven effective so you can start your part-time strategy!
REIS 318 | Affiliate Marketing Jason Criddle SmartrHoldings
When people hear affiliate marketing, it is easy for them to associate it with Amazon. To clear the confusion, Jason Criddle shows how easy it is to start a business with affiliate marketing. He is an international best-selling author, investor, and CEO of SmartrHoldings. Together, Jason and host Mitch Stephen explain how simple and genius affiliate marketing is that you will wonder why you didn't hop on it sooner. They also detail how technology makes it all possible and trustworthy through the Smartr App so you can take the first step right here in this episode.

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