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REIS 293 | Professional Virtual Assistants Daniel Ramsey MyOutDesk
Being an entrepreneur always entails wearing different hats. Sometimes, the secret sauce to effectively manage your time and business is through hiring a professional virtual assistant. Daniel Ramsey, the Founder of MyOutDesk, breaks down the many reasons why hiring professional VAs is time-efficient and cost-effective. He reveals the ideal country source for virtual assistants and how he picks from the pool of applicants to bring out the professional ones. As he touches on the work culture in the Philippines, he lists down the challenges of running an outsourcing business. Daniel shares how you can determine if you already need to take off some of those hats and pass them on and unravels the roadmap to a seven-figure business.
REIS 292 | Mobile Home Parks Kevin Bupp Sunrise Capital Investors
A mobile home park is a fantasy for a lot of people out there. Although the industry is still fragmented, mobile home parks will eventually be recognized as an asset. Kevin Bupp, CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, is all in for this as he talks about how mobile home parks is the best cashflow vehicle for him. He shares some of his deals - from the best victories he had where he had a park that was beyond his wildest dreams, to the one that hurt him the most. He also talks about the importance of being a problem solver in the industry while giving out the secret to finding distressed properties. Discover more insights about mobile home parks as Kevin shares how it can help you to have a tremendous cashflow.
REIS 291 | REIvault Gary Boomershine REIvault
The real estate business is about being in front of sellers, making offers and raising money, building a better team, and then going into the next market. Real estate investors got into this business for passive income, wealth building, and freedom of time. However, everybody gets stuck in the muck by going into all these directions just to make things happen and close some deals. In this episode, Gary Boomershire introduces the concept of joining forces with a pro that's going to take some of the workloads off of you in a lot of different areas. Gary is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has built a two-time Inc. 5000 company called REIvault, which helps real estate investors scale and escape their business by providing "shared services" and acting as a marketing and back office operations. He spends his focus on marketing and the plan, cost, and outline that is effectively working on real estate deals.
REIS 290 | Seller Leads Danny Johnson FlippingJunkie
Nothing happens without a great deal from a seller. Knowing how to generate those kinds of deals is a good place to start. Danny Johnson of FlippingJunkie guides us in succeeding at our real estate venture by exposing the top three mistakes people do when dealing with seller leads. He talks about house flipping paired with the good use of technology to help with your business, particularly on having an online presence. Giving us a look into his book, Flipping Houses Exposed, Danny also shares the things we must do to establish ourselves online and generate those leads.

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