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REIS 362 | Business Structure Jack And Michelle Bosch Ultimate Boardroom
Many business owners out there don't put nearly enough thought into their business structure, and how it actively affects the business that they're creating. Without even knowing, you could be creating a business that's completely dependent on you, and the moment you're gone, it crumbles as if you've never built it up. Jack and Michelle Bosch are the Founders of Ultimate Boardroom, a Mastermind for business owners who are growth-oriented. They talk to Mitch Stephen about their impetus for creating Ultimate Boardroom, and what they hope to achieve by working with the business owners they're working with. If, as a business owner, your priority is growth, then Jack and Michelle's advice might just be for you.
REIS 361 | Lead Generation Using VAs Joe McCall Real Estate Investing Mastery
Virtual assistants or VAs are crucial to the success of many entrepreneurs these days. On today’s show, Mitch Stephen interviews Joe McCall about the importance of understanding the VA’s role in your business and what they can do for you. Joe has been doing deals virtually in multiple markets for over ten years and has one of the longest-running podcasts called Real Estate Investing Mastery. Stay tuned and get the clients and deals you deserve as he shares some tips on how to gain clients by utilizing the right CRM tools and Click2Mail.
REIS Special Release | Income With ECommerce Ann Sieg E-Commerce Business School
There are people out there who underestimate eCommerce entrepreneurs, but the truth is, creating income with eCommerce isn't as easy as some of the most successful entrepreneurs make it seem. Whether it's cleaning up your weaknesses or playing to your strengths, there's a delicate balance you're always having to strike, but if you play your cards right, you won't be the one left in the dust. Ann Sieg is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur making virtual income on Amazon. She speaks with Mitch Stephen about what it takes to rake in income with eCommerce. With a business of your own, your name will be on the baseline, so it's best to be ready and equip yourselves with the best knowledge you can.
REIS 360 | Raising Private Money Austin Rutherford From Valet to Millionaire
At 21 years old, Austin Rutherford raised his first $250,000 through private money. While many would crumble at the mental obstacles it entails, Austin was able to push through. In this episode, he talks to Mitch Stephen about his journey of raising private money, from starting young in the real estate world to becoming the success he currently is with up to $18 million in private money. Austin shares his tactics and strategies, along with some advice and inspiration for when starting your own journey in this space. He gives us a peek into his How to Raise Private Money course, providing us a look into the ways we can tap into more money that many don’t even know they have access to.

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