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REIS 329 | Property Analysis Platform Anton Ivanov DealCheck
Have you ever wondered how it would feel like doing property analysis with just a few taps on your mobile device? Apps that save you from such real estate woes do exist, and this is what Anton Ivanov delivers to us. Anton is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of DealCheck. His platform is one of the top real estate analysis tools for quick analysis and comparison of rental properties, flips, and commercial buildings. In this episode, he presents the ins and outs of his software including what you need to understand further as a new investor. Learn more from Anton himself as he gives us a tour around his system.
REIS 328 | Apartment Business Gino Barbaro Jake & Gino
To become successful in real estate, you must buy right, finance right, and manage right. In this episode, Host Mitch Stephen interviews multifamily real estate investor and educator Gino Barbaro. Gino provides personal experiences and stories about his first deal on an apartment complex. He also shares the three pillars of real estate to create real wealth in real estate. Going into details into some his works, he talks about his unique framework which he is currently utilizing with massive success in the current real estate market. Join Mitch and Gino in this episode as they show why getting into the apartment business, buying and holding multifamily assets, is the best way to generate passive income, create wealth, and build your real estate empire.
REIS 327 | Bank Asset Managers Brecht Palombo Distressed Pro
Being a real estate investor and frequently going to the bank can be really frustrating. Software entrepreneur and the Founder of DistressedPro Brecht Palombo shares his ways on how to go direct to the banks with the help of BankProspector, a software that makes it simpler and quicker to locate banks and bank contacts. Join us today as Brecht shares more ways of dealing directly with bank asset managers.
REIS 326 | Lead Generation Tips Jimmy Newson New York Marketing Association
There is no better way of getting your products or services to other people than great marketing. In this episode, inbound sales and marketing consultant, Jimmy Newson, shares some of his lead generation tips off of his book, The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas, that will pique your consumer’s interest towards your business. He breaks it down into content and inbound marketing and leads us to be clear on your buyer personas and alignment. Jimmy also talks about the work he has been doing while sharing the beauty of digital marketing versus traditional marketing.

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