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Episode 29: How Turnkey Real Estate Investing Works in Texas Tax Sales

Before becoming a Texas real estate investor in 1991, Arnie Abramson had successful careers as a financial planner and Vice-President of Marketing for a national real estate management company that marketed public Real Estate Limited Partnerships. He began buying houses at Texas Sheriff Sales in 1992 and has been an investor, landlord, mentor, educator, speaker and property manager for over twenty years.

Arnie is a national speaker on Texas tax deed sales and is the Texas provider for tax deed purchases for several of the national tax lien gurus seen on the Internet. He is past president of the Texas Real Estate Investors Association (TxREIA), on the Advisory Board of several REIAs and was a co-founder of the REI EXPO. He was also quoted in US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT this year and acknowledged as the expert in Texas tax sales by the Tax Lien Lady in her book on tax liens.

His company, Texas Tax Sales Resource Group LLC, HAS THE ONLY COMPLETELY TURNKEY REAL ESTATE INVESTING PROGRAM THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS. This includes the research, due diligence, previewing, bidding, inspecting, rehabbing, renting and management of the properties purchased at the Texas tax sales. This program, along with the Lien to Deed program that converts tax liens to deeds in other states, is available to the PRIORITY MEMBERS.

Priority Membership information is available by contacting Arnie through
REInvestorSummit.com/taxdeeds (tell him Mitch sent you)

In addition, the very popular Learn and Earn Program does not require Priority Membership.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Arnie’s tax deed expertise
  • The difference between tax liens and tax deeds
  • What one right the person losing their house has
  • What makes Texas particularly great for buying tax deeds
  • How Arnie built up his business amidst the foreclosure boom
  • The research that needs to be done before buying a tax deed
  • What you need to know about options when it comes to evicting
  • The differences between a tax deed and a judgement
  • Why you have to pay attention to who is doing the suing
  • The best deal Arnie ever made — or didn’t make in his case
  • How turnkey real estate investing works, particularly in Texas
  • How you can make money by maintaining, preserving, and safekeeping a house where the the deed is redeemed
  • How to learn more from Arnie about tax deeds in his various speaking engagements and programs
  • Arnie’s “Learn and Earn Program” opportunity for you
  • Different ways other people make money in this niche — but why Arnie prefers it the way he does it
  • Why you should do your research and not assume someone can’t make the payments and stay in their house
  • Why you shouldn’t buy a tax deed hoping that it will be redeemed
  • The priority membership Arnie is offering



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