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David Phelps

David Phelps

David Phelps, D.D.S. owned and managed a private practice dental office for over 21 years.

While still in dental school, he began his investment in real estate by joint-venturing with his father on their first rental property in 1980. Three years later, they sold the property and David took his $25,000 capital gain share and leveraged it into thirty-one properties that produced $15,000 net cash flow within 15 years.

Multiple health crises suffered by his daughter, Jenna (leukemia, epilepsy and a liver transplant at age 12), caused David to leave the practice so that his time could be spent with his daughter. Unfortunately, a divorce and failed practice sale provided additional setbacks that he had to work through.

Today, David is a nationally recognized speaker on creating freedom, building real businesses and investing in real estate. He authors a monthly newsletter, “Path to Freedom” and hosts “The Dentist Freedom Blueprint” podcast. Freedom Founders Mastermind Community has grown to over fifty members, providing the pathway to freedom for many professional practice owners.

“The greatest risk in life is doing nothing.” – David Phelps

Randy Hughes

Randy Hughes

Randy Hughes (Mr. Land Trust) has written extensively for local and national real estate publications. He has taught real estate classes for many years at the University of Illinois, Parkland College and Elgin Community College.

He teaches classes on how to protect your assets and how to become more private with your personal life. He also teaches Land Trust law and administration, authors the only Land Trust Newsletter and Blog in the country, is the founder of the Land Trust University.

He has written Privacy and Asset Protection books as well as home study courses. Randy’s most popular publications are his Land Trusts Made Simple!® home study courses and live seminars.

Arnie Abramson

Arnie Abramson

Before becoming a Texas real estate investor in 1991, Arnie Abramson had successful careers as a financial planner and Vice-President of Marketing for a national real estate management company that marketed public Real Estate Limited Partnerships. He began buying houses at Texas Sheriff Sales in 1992 and has been an investor, landlord, mentor, educator, speaker and property manager for over twenty years.

Arnie is a national speaker on Texas tax deed sales and is the Texas provider for tax deed purchases for several of the national tax lien gurus seen on the Internet. He is past president of the Texas Real Estate Investors Association (TxREIA), on the Advisory Board of several REIAs and was a co-founder of the REI EXPO. He was also quoted in US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT this year and acknowledged as the expert in Texas tax sales by the Tax Lien Lady in her book on tax liens.

His company, Texas Tax Sales Resource Group LLC, HAS THE ONLY COMPLETELY TURN-KEY PROGRAM THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS. This includes the research, due diligence, previewing, bidding, inspecting, rehabbing, renting and management of the properties purchased at the Texas tax sales. This program, along with the Lien to Deed program that converts tax liens to deeds in other states, is available to the PRIORITY MEMBERS.

Priority Membership information is available by contacting Arnie through (tell him Mitch sent you)

In addition, the very popular Learn and Earn Program does not require Priority Membership.

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