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Paul Ritter #2

Episode 186: Insider Secrets on How to Find the Best Credit Repair Company

Paul Ritter has over 25 years experience in the mortgage and credit enhancement industries. He is currently the owner of Credit Investigation Service, dba My Credit Team that specializes in credit enhancement for the Real Estate Industry. He is FICO certified, an expert in his field, and a national sought after speaker. He also owns a screening company, which provides the front-end piece to evaluate potential tenant/buyers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why a credit repair and restoration service is so valuable
  • Tenant screening and deciding whether to accept a lease option client
  • What sets Ritter’s company apart when it comes to its application process, which is efficient with a significant value-added benefit
  • How a person pays for a low credit score in many ways, such as with interest rate on car, house, credit cards and insurance
  • How employers look at prospective employees’ credit reports when deciding who to hire
  • Why you don’t want a one-size-fits-all credit repair company
  • Why you need an extensive action plan from a credit repair company
  • How Ritter’s company’s service is extensive but not expensive
  • Why working with a quality credit repair company is a valuable investment in your future
  • Becoming educated about your credit report and having a strategic action plan that helps you get where you want to be
  • Some of the key information that should be gathered and analyzed such as debt to income ratio, affordability analysis, and income details
  • Why it’s vastly better for a human to analyze information and make decisions about someone’s credit worthiness rather than a computer doing that
  • What exactly makes up a credit score, how credit scores can be calculated in a unique way, and the surprising percentage of a credit score that is credit history
  • Watching out for the countless bad credit repair services, and finding a trustworthy service
  • Some key pros and cons of a lease option
  • Why and when refinancing can be the right decision
  • How podcast listeners can receive a free ebook plus special offer of a waived setup fee and other bonuses



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