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Benjamin Brown

Episode 214: The Art of Selling

Benjamin Brown is a sales expert, author, and a father of two young children. He worked in sales for over 23 years and currently works with small businesses with sales issues and low sales. He uses his vast knowledge acquired over two decades to create a proven and tested sales process that can be implemented and adjusted for almost any product or service. When sales are done right, it is a pleasing process!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The reasons it’s so important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have a sales process
  • The most prominent mistakes people make by overlooking the importance of having a sales process
  • Why businesses must — because of how the market is constantly evolving — not only have a sales process, but constantly evolve their processes to meet the changing needs of the market
  • What having a sales process accomplishes for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • The differences between marketing and having a sales process and why businesses can thrive without marketing but will continue to struggle without a sales process
  • The one trait that accounts for 60 percent of success in sales and why most people are missing the boat on this one
  • What it really means for businesses to have a sales process they can work with like a checklist where they simply mark things off and move on to the next point
  • Why you shouldn’t waste your time trying to sell to the one who isn’t making the decisions and writing the checks
  • How working on your sales process is the fastest way a business can boost its bottom line
  • The reason it’s so important to get help through mentors or coaches to help you create a winning sales process for your organization
  • Why passion is critical for the sales process in addition to having a sales process in place



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