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REIS 352 | Getting Private Money Quoc Nguyen Texas Children
Securing private money for your real estate practice can be a difficult process, but once you've found your way in, it's just a matter of exactly where that money goes. Yes, getting private money can be a huge boon for your business, but you've got to be very prepared. Quoc Nguyen is a longtime pharmacist-turned-real estate investor. Mitch Stephen interviews Quoc about his radical career shift and how he managed it. Having trouble raising private money? Learn a thing or two from Quoc's story!
REIS 351 | Having Balance In Life Ben Sturgill RagingBull.com
What are you saving for and why are you working so hard? This was a question Ben Sturgill got asked while he was working on a farm for a teacher. Ben came from a hardworking, blue-collar family that never talked about money in the house. In this episode, Ben joins Mitch Stephen to talk about the influence the book Rich Dad Poor Dad had in his life, the importance of having good mentors, investing his spare time into real estate, and how to have balance in your life so you have time for yourself, your family, and your work obligation.
REIS Bonus | Vacation With Mitch Vacation 2020 Real Estate Investors Summit
Humans as we are, we all need a break--time-off from our busy lives professionally and even at home. What better way to unwind from it all than an amazing vacation, particularly one that surrounds you with like-minded real estate investors from all over the country? Mitch Stephen invites you to a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on May 6th through 10th. Relax through days with no seminars, no conference room, no selling, and no credit cards. All you have are good company and an unforgettable learning experience. Join Mitch in this episode as he gives you the details.
REIS 350 | Funding Options Blair Halver   Mooresville, NC.
Getting the right leads means more chances of getting quality deals and having more funding options. However, acquiring prospects these days are costly and can sometimes waste your time and effort. Thereby, converting these leads is necessary. In this episode, Mitch Stephen talks to Blair Halver, a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and marketing automation expert. Blair shares some useful ideas on how to make a deal on any kind of lead or most leads. With lead generation, he explains how you can capitalize on every possible lead and even use those with lower equities. Learn more about funding options for these leads with Blair’s proven system.

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