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RV Rental Business | How to Generate Passive Income Using an RV

Episode 176: RV Rental Business: How to Generate Passive Income Using an RV

RV Rental Business | How to Generate Passive Income Using an RV

Ryan Enk is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and successful real estate investor. He lives in Louisiana with his wife and 5 boys. The purpose of this blog is to help others learn how to pursue “Return To Life” Investing. RTL investing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why RVs are a great opportunity to create a very quick producing, high cash flow business even if you have no money or no credit
  • Owner financing: why 25% of the market is willing to owner finance their RV
  • What causes RV owners to be willing to sell their RVs so cheaply
  • Ryan’s rolling real estate formula you can use to start your own real estate business
  • The screening process for deciding if someone should be able to rent an RV or not
  • Why renter damage isn’t really a problem even for the most profitable people in this industry
  • How Ryan is able to make over $100,000 a year on just five units
  • The RV ROI calculator: a game-changing tool for determining how much can be made with RVs
  • The rolling real estate six-figure society: the $1,000 giveaways Ryan gives his students monthly when they complete certain tasks
  • Some of the added benefits of an RV rental business



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