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Robert Elder

Episode 100: Professional Landlord Robert Elder – 600 Doors and Counting

Robert Elder founded Millionaire Possibilities Real Estate Investment Association. He has over 35 years’ experience as a landlord and has owned houses, duplexes, apartment complexes, hotel, office buildings and industrial buildings.

Starting from scratch he has built a present portfolio of over 400 properties, and he has experience as a Real Estate Coach and Legal Consultant. Robert personally works with experienced investors committed to outrageous success.

Robert holds degrees in Finance, Economics, Math, along with an MBA in Accounting and a Juris Doctorate. He is a licensed attorney in Oklahoma and a member of the bar since 1996.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why owning 3-8 houses is the worst place to be
  • Working on the business vs. working in the business
  • Depreciation: how it works and how it can help you grow your net worth
  • The advantages of contractors vs. employees
  • Having a positive impact on the local economy by buying the worst houses and turning them into the best houses
  • The many investment opportunities available to investors in the middle of the country
  • The impact of having a 15-year mortgage vs. a 30-year mortgage
  • Why turnover is the enemy and how to reduce it
  • The importance of treating your tenants like customers
  • The two most important things about the rental business
  • Why you need to have great systems to have a great business



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