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Richard Shelton

Episode 42: Real Estate Case Study: From Grocer to Real Estate Investor

Richard Shelton was born and raised in southeast Oklahoma where he started working in his family’s grocery store at the age of 12. His grandpa started in the grocery business in 1936. His family continued his grandfather’s legacy until they sold the stores in 2014. During his 29 years in the business there were drastic changes in the grocery industry.

So Richard decided to try his hand at real estate and he did a lot of research into several different coaching programs and was most impressed with Mitch Stephen’s program.

Here is a real estate case study on the work he has done so far.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Richard’s background
  • Richard’s real estate case study
  • What he learned going through his first deal
  • Richard’s goal of meeting both his and his wife’s freedom number so that she could retire from teaching
  • What Richard’s typical deals look like today
  • Why you need a mentor and an attorney very early on
  • Why Richard is considering using LiveComm.com for his phone collection and answering needs
  • Richard’s goals for next year and the years going forward



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