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Shawn Mandan

Episode 22: How to Generate Leads Using Social Media in the Real Estate Space

Shawn Mandan has been a real estate investor for over a decade now. After completing his BBA from the University of Houston, Shawn decided to become an entrepreneur rather than a company man. With his strong technical background, as well as having a creative mind, Shawn found unique ways to market for leads. This opened the doors to many real estate opportunities, as well as new contacts who looked to him for help. As he continued on, he found more and more investors looking for new ways to market for motivated sellers, buyers, as well as private money lender leads.

With the rise of social networking, Shawn quickly became a master at generating leads using social media – particularly in real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Shawn’s background and how he got into real estate
  • Why getting your start in real estate is best done with no money
  • Shawn’s real estate lead machine that is fueled by social media
  • How to generate leads using social media in the real estate space
  • Why Shawn wants to be the person to offer free information
  • The value of an email address
  • Shawn’s lead optimization plan: what it is, how it works, and why it can take a while to bring in results
  • Adapting your strategies as time changes
  • Working with investors in other locations than just your own
  • What Shawn’s deals usually look like
  • Shawn’s best and worst deals
  • Why you need to do your research — and why mentors can help you avoid bad mistakes
  • Why you should never leave a lead behind — even when they tell you no



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