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Cris Chico

Episode 16: Create A Profitable Real Estate Flipping Business That Runs WITHOUT You

Cris Chico pioneered and perfect the concept of “virtual” real estate investing, where you can do deals literally from your laptop, from start to finish. He then streamlined his methods into a fully integrated system called Virtual Wholesaling.

He has successfully sold hundreds of residential properties all across America using his unique and ground breaking system “Virtual Wholesaling.”

When not flipping houses or teaching others, he spends his free time with his family.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Cris developed his wholesaling practice
  • Generating leads through direct mail
  • Why Cris doesn’t put the fact that he wants to buy houses on his postcards
  • How Cris structures his postcards
  • How Cris has redefined what a lead is
  • Why you should even call back the people who don’t leave a message
  • How Cris deals with the people who don’t leave messages (and why those people make up to 60% of Cris’ business)
  • Why the only thing your postcards need to do is collect phone numbers
  • How Cris’ strategy gets a 5% response rate (the average is 1%)



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