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Clayton Morris

Episode 158: Former Fox News Anchor: How to Achieve Your Financial Freedom Number

Clayton Morris is the Former FOX News anchor who left television after achieving financial freedom. Now he devotes himself to helping other people build passive income and achieve financial freedom. He runs a turnkey real estate company called Morris Invest.

Clayton is also the host of Investing in Real Estate podcast, which has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties. The podcast utilizes expert interviews, case studies with normal everyday investors, and Clayton’s own methods for achieving passive income.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of creating more space and time in our lives
  • How Clayton came up with his financial freedom number and how you can achieve yours
  • The benefits of getting a Roth IRA account
  • How to take control of your own financial freedom
  • The problem most investors make when starting out
  • The three stages of real estate investing
  • The advantages of purchasing or investing in real estate
  • Why you should stay away from real estate internet forums
  • Focusing on one course of action and sticking to it
  • Why you should never make assumptions about other people’s financial situations



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